Daniela Constantinescu

  B.A.Sc. (Transilvania University, Romania), M.A.Sc. (UBC), Ph.D. (UBC)

  Assistant Professor
  Department of Mechanical Engineering
  University of Victoria
  PO Box 3055 STN CSC
  Victoria, B.C., Canada V8W 3P6
  Tel:    (250) 721-6040
  Fax:    (250) 721-5061
  Email: danielac[atSign]me[dotSign]uvic[dotSign]ca





My research in robotics and mechatronics focuses on developing haptic technologies for rehabilitation, for improving human performance in manipulation tasks, and for supporting remote cooperation. The development of such technologies requires work at the convergence of several disciplines, including haptic rendering, telerobotics, and computational dynamics. Current topics of interest include:
  • Virtual constraints for rehabilitation.
  • Guaranteed stable haptic simulation of multibody virtual environments.
  • Haptic rendering of virtual environments comprising both rigid and deformable models.
  • Collaborative haptic manipulation of multibody virtual environments.
  • Passivity-based and impulsive control of robotic systems.

Motivated and qualified candidates are particularly encouraged to email me regarding graduate opportunities.