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Software Quality Engineering

In this course we will look at how to build and verify quality software systems, with a strong emphasis on the verification aspects. The course will survey quality standards and processes and discuss their role in the development of quality software systems. There are several facets to software quality also referred to as software quality attributes; examples of such attributes include maintainability, usability, performance, security, and reliability. Each of these quality attributes is a complex notion in itself, requiring special verification techniques and tools. The course will concentrate on the verification and validation of the most important quality aspects, specifically correctness and reliability. Lab works will consist of a mainstream project aimed at documenting, reviewing and testing the code of an open source software system. 

-Notions of requirements and design specifications.
-Programming knowledge in Java and C++.

The main text for this course is:

Software Testing and Quality Assurance, by Kshirasagar Naik & Priyadarshi Tripathy, Wiley (2008), ISBN: 978-0471-78911-6


Course Instructor:

Dr. Issa Traore, P. Eng.

Phone: 250-721-8697
E-mail: itraore@ece.uvic.ca
Office Hours: 2:30pm - 4:00pm Monday, Thursday
Location: EOW 415


Lecture: CLE A206, 1:00-2:20pm: Monday, Thursday
Lab: ELW B220, Monday 4:30-7:20pm

Course Materials:

Course materials (e.g. lecture notes, slides, exam review questions etc.) can be downloaded from Moodle.

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