MECH 410 and MECH520
Computer Aided Design

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Dr. Zuomin Dong

Office: EOW 548/551,   Phone: (250) 721-8900 (or 721-8693), E-mail:

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TA: Mr. Leon Zhou

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Course Outline

Lab, Project and Time Schedule

Course Timeline

Laboratory Information and Report Formats

Lecture Notes

  Technical References on 3D Scanning and Computer Model Generation

  An Over View of Pro/MECHNICA and Applications of Pro/M Structure (condensed slides)

  A Review of Finite Element Analysis Method (condensed slides) Mesh Generation

  Design of Sculptured Part Using Pro/ENGINEER (condensed slides)

  CNC Tool Path Generation and Simulation Using Pro/ENGINEER (condensed slides) (5-axis machining video)

  An Article on Multiphysics CAD-Based Design Optimization

Generation of Free-form Surface in Pro/ENGINEER (condensed slides)


Pro/ENGINEER Tutorials and Related Documents


Unigraphics NX Tutorials and Related Documents

Laboratory Assignments and Project

Project Presentation on Tuesday, March 31, 1:30 4:30 pm; Project Report, Due April 6, 2009

Example Projects and CAD/CAE/CAM Applications

Additional References



The reference books are available at the Reserved Desk in the Library.

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